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Subject: Stain Removal Tips
(Posted on Feb 6, 2014 at 01:51PM by Diego Fernando Vargas Pérez)

Red wine, oil, ink and even sweat can leave some unsightly stains on your clothes, carpet or furniture, but with the right products and technique even the worst stains can be removed. Follow these easy stain removal tips the next time you have a stain mishap.

Stain Removers
Sometimes your regular laundry detergent isn’t enough to remove stains, but that doesn’t mean you need to turn to toxic stain removers. Adding one tablespoon of Nellie’s Oxygen Brightener with your regular laundry soap will help release clothing stains. For pesky stains that cling to clothes, you can dilute Oxygen Brightener in water and spray directly onto fabric before laundering.

Removing Stains Throughout the House
Stains can show up all over your house, not just on your clothes. From carpets to kitchen counters, you should be able to tackle all household stains with the same ease you do with your laundry. By adding one teaspoon of Oxygen Brightener to 500ml/16oz of water in a clean spray bottle, you’ll have an all-purpose stain remover to help with removing stains and discolorations around the house. It will help to brighten counters, lift stains from couch cushions and remove pet stains fro the carpet. Always allow the stain remover to sit one to five minutes before rinsing or blotting dry.

For more help with removing stains, visit the FAQ section of the site.


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